Think for yourself was the theme of a recent podcast by Zdogg that I just listened to.  What a novel concept!  Lately, I’ve been barraged by video clips and articles posted on the internet, each one telling the world the gospel.  My patients want my opinion as to the veracity of the information.  I also have been bombarded by political rhetoric with the Trumpers telling me their side of the story; and the democrats, likewise, telling me their truth.

What amazes me is that, in many cases, the people who send me the above-mentioned information, aren’t really interested in my opinion.  Instead, they are selling me someone else’s opinion that they have bought in to.  Why would I say this?  At first, I responded to each and every article and video clip I received.  Often, after analyzing the information, I would find flaws in the material; and, naturally, I would point those flaws out.

After pointing out the flawed logic, false information and, in some instances actually debunking the report, I would then receive an email telling me why I was wrong and trying to sell their viewpoint.  It soon became apparent that the reason that there is so much shit on the internet is because people are buying the shit at face value.  Rather than critically assessing the material themselves, they buy in and then sell it to their internet community.

So, here’s what I know:  

Number one on the list is that this year should be named, “The year of the grand conspiracy.” There are so many conspiracy theories circulating on the web that I can’t keep track of them.

Number two is that the influence of the web and what it is telling you to think is unbelievable.  A clever individual with a particular mindset can sell his/her ideas on the web and influence millions of people and actually change history. You’d be shocked at the number of people who don’t believe that the holocaust actually existed.

Number three is that the divide between the Democrats and Republicans is so deep that both parties are ineffectual.  The divide between blacks and whites has also deepened to dangerous levels.  In reality, our country is on the verge of splitting apart. 

If you look back in history, all of the great empires ultimately destroyed themselves.  Are we about to do the same?  I think so!  One thing I sincerely believe is that we need to calm down and start thinking for ourselves.  We need to think before we react.  We need to research all sides of an issue, not just buy the best-looking podcast or journalists’ attitude.  We need to listen to every source with more than a grain of salt.

We also need to put aside political correctness and speak our minds.  There are evil people who have found new voices on the web and in the media and are succeeding at furthering the rifts in our country.  They need to be recognized for who they are and outed.

The holocaust did happen.  You have to obey the law.  The vast majority of the police are good people doing a thankless job.  All lives matter. The list is too long to post here.

The trick is learning to think for yourself again.  In the old days, learning meant going to the library and reading printed material.  It was a slow process and allowed time to digest what you read.  Reading has become a thing of the past. Information is dumped on your desktop in large volumes, repetitively, and opinions are prepackaged for you.

There is no music or joke that goes with this article.  It’s no joking matter.  

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