Customer Service Conversation

Me:  Ring, ring, Hello.

AA Representative:  Hello, is Dr. Segal there?

Me: I’m Dr Segal, who’s calling?

AA Representative:  My name is not helpful and I’m calling from American Airlines customer service.

Me: I’ve been expecting your call.  I need your help.  I had a horrible experience in Dallas.

AA Representative: I’m sorry. I’ll communicate your complaint to the Dallas team.

Me: Will they call me?

AA Representative: NO! They don’t call our customers! That’s my job!

Me: Then you’ll help prevent this from happening again?

AA Representative: No!  My job s to communicate your concerns!

Me: Then management will contact me?

AA Representative: NO! They don’t call customers.

Me: Do you realize you never use the word help?

AA Representative: I told you Ill communicate your concerns.

The above conversation was ridiculous. Nothing will be done until public outrage forces management to do something.  If you have a similar story, contact me.

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