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  1. Amita, the corporate entity that took your practice, does care. Yesterday (2/18/20) I got a mailing saying you retired 9/19/19.

    Very prompt because they care? The whole new system sucks!

  2. Dr Segal, you are greatly missed! Our entire family were your patients for 35+ years and since your retirement we have struggled to find the kind of personal and medical care that you provided!
    Please Keep writing about health issues and it’s great to stay in touch with you that way!

  3. While I know that nothing is for free I do have a Medicare Advantage plan and I am very happy with it. I have never needed a referral and have never had a problem seeing any doctor I chose. I am sUre there are people who have policies that are awful but mine is very good and is not Priced somewhere in the stratosphereP

  4. Dr Segal you are definitely missed very much. It is hard to find a pcp that I like. I used to scratch your back or brings a cup of white hen coffee and so far even before this pandemic I have not been able to fine a friendly doctor. Gail

  5. I was so happy to find your blog and then so sad to hear of your retirement and health issues. You were my doctor for over a decade and I enjoyed sharing my backpacking adventures with you. When my retirement insurance changed and was not accepted, I had to find a new doctor and the one I found was one who had spent time with you. You often told me that you were working on a book and that I was going to be in it as the best, most cooperative patient you’d ever had. That was a compliment I cherished. I pray for you as you travel this horrendous road you are on and am glad that you have an outlet for your writing talent with this blog. Bless you!

  6. Stewart, In reply to your request about what makes a good doctor the number one thing is be a good listener. The second thing is to treat everyone with respect.

  7. I’m having difficulty with the difference between a good/great doctor. Though I have no problem categorizing a poor/not so good doctor vs good/great. I guess it’s a matter of time. You were a good doctor for a number of reasons but you were great for me because you gave a lot of your time to me. You would ask me what was on my list and we would cover it all. You listened. You responded. You didn’t make me feel like you needed to get to the next patient. I couldn’t be the only one who felt like that or why would we wait as much as two hours to see you? That’s my final answer.

  8. As I am 71 years of age and have gone through a multitude of tests in my life, many of which were not pleasant. I haven’t lost my respect for my doctors but I am not intimidated by any of them. That’s because of my age, the fact that I’ve been through a lot of shit, and I have no interest in taking anymore. I trust my doctors to care for me but I am ultimately responsible for me. So no, I’m not intimidated. Just today I called a doctor by her first names or the first time in 18 months.. She was a taken back and said that’s Dr. (insert first name). I asked, what do you call me? Her answer was hi or hey. Sorry, not acceptable. If you’re Dr. such and such, my name is Mr. Corbin. Otherwise, you lose the title. Respect is a two way street.

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