Hi, I’m Dr. Stewart Segal.  I’ve practiced family medicine for close to 40 years and recently retired due to illness.  I’m now actively transitioning from my role of physician to one of patient and educator.
I love to teach.  My wealth of experience as a family physician combined with my newfound knowledge of the effects of chronic illness, give me a unique insight into the lives of the patients I’ve treated in the past and the ability to share those insights with you via this blog.
So, read on.  Feel free to leave your comments and questions.  When possible, I will address them.  Also feel free to share this blog with your friends.
The information provided within is not meant to supersede the advice of your physicians or treat any illness.  Over the months ahead there will be an assortment of articles addressing general health issues and the “patient/physician partnership” interaction.
My hope is to help each of you find happiness and Wellth.

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