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  1. Amita, the corporate entity that took your practice, does care. Yesterday (2/18/20) I got a mailing saying you retired 9/19/19.

    Very prompt because they care? The whole new system sucks!

  2. Dr Segal, you are greatly missed! Our entire family were your patients for 35+ years and since your retirement we have struggled to find the kind of personal and medical care that you provided!
    Please Keep writing about health issues and it’s great to stay in touch with you that way!

  3. While I know that nothing is for free I do have a Medicare Advantage plan and I am very happy with it. I have never needed a referral and have never had a problem seeing any doctor I chose. I am sUre there are people who have policies that are awful but mine is very good and is not Priced somewhere in the stratosphereP

  4. Dr Segal you are definitely missed very much. It is hard to find a pcp that I like. I used to scratch your back or brings a cup of white hen coffee and so far even before this pandemic I have not been able to fine a friendly doctor. Gail

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