I usually agree with Zdogg and enjoy his videos.  On July 4th, Zdogg posted “Should We Try To Save Everyone.”  In his podcast, he refers to a “Culture of Safetyism” and the consequences of such a culture.  At the beginning of his podcast, he freely admits that the topic is controversial.  He clearly states the obvious: people are going to die!

He goes on to discuss the risks associated with shutting down society and ends by reiterating the need for face masks, social distancing and hand washing.  In my opinion, the gist of this podcast is to do what you can, within reason, and people are going to die.  He uses an iceberg analogy (what you see is the tip of the iceberg, what you can’t see is the bulk of the iceberg which is hidden under water) to illustrate the risk of shutting down the US economy again.

What I disagree with is the general premise that ‘PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE.”  I would have worded this differently. I would say, OTHER PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE BUT NOT MY FAMILY OR ME.  

I agree, we should not shut down our society again.  It didn’t work the first time and it won’t work this time.  However, just because the US stays open doesn’t mean I have to.  I’m shutting down the Segal Household.  I’m not worried about the risk of alcohol abuse, spousal abuse or child abuse (although I occasionally drive Renee crazy) that Zdogg talks about.  I’m worried about dying alone in an ICU in Carolina.

I think you should be, too.  If you can afford to shelter in place at home, do so!  If you can’t, do whatever you have to do, as cautiously as you can.  Just don’t pretend that this isn’t real.  Don’t pretend that statistically it won’t hurt you or your family.  Don’t pretend that because you are young, you are safe.  YOU MAYBE YOUNG BUT YOUR PARENTS AREN’T.

As to what I think about a culture of safetyism, I’m still trying to figure out what it is!  If it’s founded on the premise of better safe than sorry, I’m onboard.  Are you?

Did I tell you I occasionally drive Renee crazy?  I’m about to do it again.  Renee, I’m bored.  Can we play a game?  I’ll be the doctor (and that’s my joke for today).

Here’s your music for today.  We need a catchy commercial for Covid-19 protection.

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