Do you love your perfume/cologne/after shave?  It smells great, doesn’t it?  While your favorite perfume/cologne/aftershave smells fantastic to you, it may not smell good to someone else.  Your pleasure may be someone else’s poison!

Yes, I have patients who are allergic to your indulgence.  They see me on a regular basis to refill their antihistamine, nasal steroids and leucotriene blocking agents.  Without their medications, they are in trouble.

I have other patients who suffer from migraine headaches.  Sometimes aromatics, such as perfumes, colognes and aftershave lotions trigger their migraines.  They come in to see me on a regular basis to get their pain pills and controllers.

Are you coughing?  Is your nose running?  The other day I saw a patient who was complaining of a horrible cough, runny nose and irritated eye.  I started coughing as soon as I approached her.  Her perfume irritated my airway.  If you are sick, putting on perfume, cologne or other aromatic products may be adding to your misery and you may not know it!

Your docs’ office should be a safe zone for patients who are allergic to or have other reasons to avoid inhaled irritants. Please take that into consideration before you come to see me or your doc and abstain from wearing anything that others can smell.My patients and I thank you for your consideration

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3 Replies to “ALLERGIES”

  1. I avoid “beauty” areas in stores, I know those scents are irritating to my system. I can’t avoid the folks in the grocery stores or restaurants who find it an expression of their style, that chokes me, gives me migraines and makes me miserable. Yet those oderferous people are unaware of their “Green Cloud” of oder and how it affects others. I say spray, then walk through the spray, less is definitely best. Be considerate and be aware, how much you add to the essence of you, too much and it shows… insecurity not power!

  2. So truthful! WhenI worked in a Dr office years ago I got put into hospital over a reaction from a patients perfume. Best part it was a Dr that had a lot of sensitivities to perfumes and scents! Put me down hard

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