American Airline Continued

I’ve discovered proof that my experience is more common than one would believe. While United Airlines called within one hour of my posting, American Airline has been silent. I called American and was informed that option number three was for people who have had bad experiences on American to vent! Just punch number 3 and they will call you back. Well, I’m venting here!

Frankly I’m scared. I have to fly back to Carolina on an option three airline. Yep, they know their system is broken and, for whatever reason, they have chosen to leave it in its inhumane and dangerous state.  I was bedridden after my forced march from the B Concourse to the D Concourse. I actually thought I was dying. I can’t believe how it affected me. PTSD?

I want something from AA.  I want them to fix their handling of the handicapped services. I want them to comply with the law. I also want their promise that there will be wheAirlineeelchairs waiting for Robert and I that will take us, nonstop through customs, security and our next gate. I cannot bear the thought of sitting in the dumping  ground, waiting for somebody to rescue me.

I want to thank all of you for your kind words and support. I also want something from you.  I want your stories. Rather than push button 3, send me your stories and I’ll publish as many as I can.

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3 Replies to “American Airline Continued”

  1. Don’t do anything you aren’t able to.
    If you cannot walk – don’t walk
    Wait for a wheelchair
    Your health is too important
    If you miss your connection flight so what?
    At least you are not exhausted.

  2. My brother is leaving for Vallarta Tuesday. He also needs a wheelchair, and is on American with stop over in Dallas. After your experience he is terrified. So sorry you had to go through this.

    1. I would get a room in your Dallas and fly out the next day. He needs at least 3 hours in Dallas

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