I’ve talked a lot lately about balance.  There are times where being able to hold your balance is critical. I’ve been doing OK balancing the losses of leaving home to the rewards of establishing a new home.  Renee and the kids and grandkids have done a lot to keep me on my feet as well.

My Parkinson’s is worse.  I have more off time than on time.  It’s going to be time to find a Carolina expert and be a patient again.  I hate giving up my role of doc and taking on the role of patient, but it’s time to do both.  I’ll let you know what the patient experience of an old doc is as I learn about it.

Today’s article is about the loss of balanced caused by Covid-19 and how to restore it. As you know, Jeremy and family are visiting from Georgia. Lisa and family lives here.  Last night Renee and I had a full house and it was great.  Late in the evening we were all feeling no pain and playing a game of Sequence.  As usual, plans for a beach get away were discussed; we actually may be able to do it now that Renee and I live closer to the coast.

Anyway, I had mentioned that one of my favorite restaurants (I know I’m dieting) was Mrs. Wilke’s in Savannah and we should all plan to eat there together.  When asked what was so special about Mrs. Wilke’s, I explain how you are seated at a table of 10, sometimes with strangers, and 20 of the South’s most famous dishes are placed on the table in front of you. Dinner is served communal style. I was in the midst of a semi-orgasmic memory of the feast we had at Mrs. W’s when my daughter pointed out that NO RESTAURANT WOULD EVER BE ABLE TO SERVE THAT WAY IN THE FUTURE.  

That thought knocked me off my feet.  As usual, she was right. If Mrs. W’s offered to seat me with 10 strangers today, I would say she was nuts.  If a restaurant put 20 of the most amazing, savory, comfort foods in front of me today, I would struggle with not eating any and walk away.  One of the wonders of the world just disappeared (at least for a while).

So, when the world around you has gone crazy and become dangerous, how do you remain balanced?  I’ve decided that the answer is to make your world smaller, encompassing the family and friends you love and who make you happy.  Limit the intrusion of the outside world by limiting the background noise spewing from your TV and smart phone.   Most of all, make new memories to use when your old memories become too hurtful to experience, as they came from a different world that no longer exist. 

Here is your music for the day.  There is no joke that would suffice for today.

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3 Replies to “BALANCE #3”

  1. Being a patient is not so bad – especially if you have a doctor like yourself. You were and are THE BEST. I am so sorry for what you are going through. It hurts my heart. My prayers are with you.

  2. When we get together at your place I want to take you to one of the best restaurants in NC. It is in Gastonia and owned by friends.

    The name of it is Webb’s Custom Kitchen, the storied history of the building and the food is to die for!

    Let your homework begin 😉

  3. Hi Doc, Lori Donlea here. I sorry to here your getting worse. Pat &I think about you all the time. I get a magazine call Brain & Life. There a website I came across for Parkinson’s They also have one for MS I have been using. If you have the sitted Tia Chi CD I gave for your mom, that is good too. I could send you one if you don’t.
    Peace & Lori, Lori & Pat

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