Well, Camp Segal officially closed its Illinois campus this week.  Camp Segal was established in the early 90s.  First came the swimming pool, then the basketball court.  In time the volleyball court, bags setup and ring toss was established.  Camp Segal was incredible.

Renee and I wanted the kids under our direct scrutiny, so we made our home the gathering place for our kids’ friends.  Eventually I added pinball machines, other arcade games and a pool table in the basement.  Several years we actually hired a camp counselor.

Those were marvelous years.  Renee and I got the opportunity to play significant roles in dozens of kids’ lives.  I’m happy to say they have all done well in life.  Of course, there were hard times.  Party crashers were always a problem.  As the kids aged, parties ran in to the early morning hours.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to open my bathroom window (overlooks the pool) and yell, “Kill the music, shut off the lights and go to bed.”  All in all, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now Camp Segal is up for sale and I’m shocked that none of the kids who grew up in the backyard are considering buying it.  I really want it to go to a family who will enjoy its many activities.  Especially, with Covid, it’s a bargain.  Your own piece of heaven.  It even has a separate entrance to the basement bathroom so that swimmers do not have to walk through the house.  I certainly will miss it!

Over the years, my friends and guests would ask, “Don’t you want peace and quiet when you come home from works.”  My answer was always the same.  “Laughing kids are full of life and I want to surround myself with life.”

Fill your lives with the laughter of children but be careful to maintain safe social distance.  If you know anybody looking for a safe summer resort to go to, tell them Camp Segal is for sale.

Here’s your music for today.  I always listened to it while floating in the pool.  Here’s today’s joke:  During a bank robbery, the burglar’s mask is dislodged and he’s afraid people can identify him.  He asks a lady, “Did you see my face?”  She answered, “Yes” so he immediately shot her in the head.  Next, he asked a man, “Did you see my face?”  The man answered, “

No, but my wife did!”” – “Yes, sir,” says the customer and g

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