I know I’ve mentioned how much I miss living in Long Grove; but, after looking at the weather report, I’ve changed my mind.  It’s 3 degrees in Chicago and 39 degrees here.  There is snow on the ground in Chicago.  There is grass on the ground here.  On a day like today, I’m glad I moved.

Realistically, it matters not where I live as Covid 19 has limited my excursions.  Indoors in Indian Trail, NC is the same as indoors in Long Grove.  Yes, I miss my former neighbors, my favorite restaurants and stores; but, in my new abode, I have new neighbors to get to know.  My Covid-19 weight gain of 40 pounds turns the loss of my favorite grocers and restaurants into a blessing.

I’m working hard on finding the positives in life, pushing the negatives away.  Three nights ago, one of my dearest friends, Susan, was texting with me.  Susan is like a sister, having grown up with me in Norfolk.  My earliest memories include Susan.  Anyway, I was in a dark mood having had a very bad day (trouble walking) when Susan asked me if I was suicidal.  Truthfully, I was not!  Her question shocked me and made me assess the effect my foul mood has on others.

Everyone I know is dealing with depression.  Many will not admit it, most try to hide it.  Hiding depression and negative thoughts is the worst thing you can do.  That’s why I write.  Sharing depression with others can be almost as bad.  That’s why I’m writing this article.  Writing is my therapy.  I have to be very careful that my therapy doesn’t negatively impact you, the reader.  If it does, please drop me a note or call.

By the way, it has been my experience that patients, intent on committing suicide, will not admit to it.  Pay attention to your “gut”.  If your “gut” is telling you that a friend or family member is at risk of committing suicide even though they deny it, be vigilant, caring and do whatever you can to protect and support them.  At the same time, recognize that, no matter what you do, you can not stop them from killing themselves if they are determined to do so.

Here’s your song and joke of the day.

What’s the difference between a G-spot and a golf ball?

A man will actually search for a golf ball.

What is 6 inches long 2 inches wide and makes everyone go crazy?

$100 bill.

How do you spot a blind man on a nude beach?

It’s not hard.

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