I just viewed a video sent to me by one of my former patients.  IT WAS HYSTERICAL!  The video consists of a young woman standing in front of multiple TV and News microphones as she explains the Covid-109 rules.

She starts off stating that she could not understand why everybody is not following the same rules as they are very clear.

“First, you must not leave the house, for any reason; unless of course you have a reason and then you can leave the house. All stores are closed except those that are opened.  All stores must close unless they have a reason to stay opened.  This virus is deadly, but don’t be afraid of it.  It can only kill people who are vulnerable and also those who are not vulnerable.”

She goes on to say, “We should stay locked down until the virus stops infecting people and it will only stop infecting people if enough of us get infected so that we build immunity, so it is very important that we get infected and also do not get infected.  Also, do not go to the doctors’ office or the hospital unless you have to go there or are too sick to go there.”

The video goes on for another two and a half minutes making statements and then contradicting them.  IT’S HYSTERICAL!  IT’S SAD!!  It represents exactly what you are being told in the news.  Wear a mask.  Don’t wear a mask.  No, I told you to wear a mask.  By the way, a mask won’t protect you.  It protects people from you.  If that’s true and we all wear mask, then no body should be able to infect you.

Along with social isolation and anxiety, we have to deal with mass confusion.  Who do we believe?  Believe me!  The authorities don’t know what they are doing.  The news media doesn’t know what they are doing.  The scientist and doctors know what they are doing.  They are learning on the fly, collecting evidence and designing the kind of research that leads to treatments and vaccine.

Unfortunately, docs are becoming talking heads/celebrities and, rather than treating patients and seeking truth, vomiting suppositions and half formed theories on any reporter that will talk to them.  The reporters air these opinions widely, the internet picks up on it and, in the end, a preposterous idea becomes reality.  Did you hear about the patient who got miraculously well after her nurse spilled a urine sample on her? 

While that would be absurd, if enough of you quote me as reporting that peeing on a Covid-19 patient is harmless and may well help them get better, we’ll see it in the news.  President Trump, not being a doctor, might even suggest that if we pee on each other, we can end the pandemic.  “What have you got to lose.  People are dying. It sounds right to me.  Give it a try”

Of course, Congress has been peeing on us for years (or dumping on us) without any apparent benefit.  Enough said. 

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