At 3 am, I wrote my last blog.  Actually, I thought it was my last blog but I just got sick listening to the news and I’m going to break one of my cardinal rules and comment on politics.  I’ve always thought that my political beliefs should be kept to myself so as not to interfere with my medical judgment and care.  As I’ve stated in earlier articles, times have changed.

The reporter on CNN was reviewing the DOJ’s decision to appeal the recent ruling regarding the appointment of a “Master.”   He showed a chart that broke down the judges the DOJ would be appealing to, Republicans and Democrats, and stated that not only did Republican judges outnumber Democratic judges, but that the majority of the Republican judges were appointed by Trump. He implied that an appeal was jeopardized by the judges appointed by Trump.  It’s as if they had been bought and now would pay off the cost of appointing them.

Now imagine that medical care was delivered by a system similar to the appointing of judges.  Might the doc decide that your condition is hopeless and let you die?   Might he decide that you deserved to live but, because you supported pharma, he would give you obscenely expensive medication.  Or, as a parallel to today’s issues, might he ignore your immediate risk and call for a “Master” to decide whether to resuscitate you, knowing that the “Master” is days or weeks away and likely to arrive too late.

I’m glad I’m on the downside of life.  Our democracy is crumbling. There are fewer Americans, fewer fair judges or politicians.  There are Republicans and Democrats; there are extremists, conspiracy believers, MAGA, LGB …, ETC. Certainly, you can’t trust anybody.  At a time when you can claim innocence and that your accuser is lying (despite being captured on film committing the crime), you can get away with anything.

There has never been a better time for orgies.  Shit, I’m too old for an orgy!

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  1. Glad you added a blog and nice to know you are still full of P and V 😀. You still have much to offer the world in terms of support, experiences, compassion, etc. BTW…after reading yesterday’s blog, I thought about the poem, “Welcome to Holland”. So appropriate for any of us experiencing life’s disappointments. Please keep writing!

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