Do as I say, not as I do! There are certain prerogatives to having practiced medicine for years.  In medical school, we were told that the doctor who treats him/herself has a fool for a patient.  After 45 years in medicine, it’s my opinion that the doctor who does not take an active role in his/her own treatment is a fool.

My doctor/patient relationship is excellent since I’m both doctor and patient.  I know what I know and what I don’t know. My trust level is as high as you can get. My relationship to myself allows me to pick treatments that are more likely to be successful.

So, when I talk about the treatment of my depression and my refusal to take medications, I have 45 years of diagnosing and treatment depression.  An example will help you understand. 

My gerontologist referred me to a psychologist.  During the initial eval, the psychologist started questioning me.  I said “17”.  The shrink looked at me and said, “What is 17”?  “17” is the score I’m going to get on your screener.  I administered the screener so many times over the years that I memorized it.

Right or wrong, my treatment is not the standard treatment.  It has the approval of my MD and I strongly suggest that you follow your doctor’s treatment plan. By the way, a high-end sports car is an expensive treatment and is not covered by insurance. Medication is both effective and safe if your doc wants to medicate you.

Here’s today’s joke:

A dad was depressed, so he went to the liquor store.
He bought some whiskey and tequila.
When he got home, he set them on the table.
His son immediately picked up both bottles.
The dad asks, “What are you doing?!”
The son responds, “You were sad, so I’m lifting your spirits.”

By the way, alcohol is a depressant.


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