“Doc, we’re moving to Schaumburg.  Do you know a good doc near there?  I want to find someone close to home.”  After taking care of Mr. R for 20 years and saving his wife’s life, all I can say is “OW!  That hurts!”

“Here’s my personal phone number.  If you need me this weekend, bypass the on-call doc and call me directly.”  Instead of thanks, I hear, “Are you going to get a female doc to replace Amy?”  “OW!  That hurts!”  Guess I should look into a sex change operation.

My billing manager asked me what to do about the H family.  They are about to go into collection for the third time.  They have been chronically late paying their bill for 20 years.  When I call to talk to Mr. H, he promises to come in and pay his bill for $700 when the family gets back from their spring break vacation.  “We are spending a week in Costa Rica.” “OW!  That hurts!”

Sometimes, I think patients don’t realize that docs have feelings, too.  Caring is a two-way street!  

Yes, Schaumburg is an eighteen-minute ride.  What’s a 20-year relationship worth?  

Yes, I’m a man.  I’ve spent the last 40 years of my life caring for women and hearing them complain about men.  Most of the time, they are right!  When it comes to understanding females, you don’t have to be female.  

Yes, medical care is expensive.  Practicing medicine is expensive and one of the things driving that expense is collecting what is owed.  It’s one thing if you can’t afford to pay your bill.  It’s quite something else when you finance your vacation by not taking care of your financial commitments. 

“OW!  That hurts!”  Practicing medicine is getting harder with ever-increasing regulations, the click of the computer and ever-increasing overhead.  Don’t forget that your doc has feelings.

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