Failed again!  This time, I followed the dietary instructions to the letter.  After 1 month on Weight Watcher’s Green, I’ve lost a total of ZERO pounds. I’ve increased my exercise as much as I can tolerate and have yet to gain any endurance or strength.  I’m frustrated!  I am also not giving up.

I’ve quoted Bruce’s father many times and will do so again.  “If you fall down six times, get up seven.”  Well, I’m on my feet and ready to move on.  After careful research, I’ve decided to stay with WW and switch to the purple plan.  Those of you who read my book, know I don’t like diets.  Diets are temporary changes people make to lose weight, only to regain their weight when they resume their normal eating habits.

I’ve chosen WW as it allows me to eat food I normally eat.  WW is compatible with my Wellthy plan.  WW Purple is a diet I could stay on long term and be happy.  Now to figure out why I’m not losing weight. Either I’m still eating too many calories or not burning enough calories.

One problem with WW is the zero list.  My children always said that the Segal Motto was “Go big or go home.”  When given a Zero/free list of food, my tendency is to overeat.  This time around, I’ll concentrate on limiting serving size.  I’ll continue my exercise and increase in small, safe increments.

Health is a major part of WELLTH.  Wealth is worth working for, no matter how difficult. Frustration is my enemy.  My readers support has been one of my best tools and I thank you for your suggestions and support.  

If you need to lose weight and to increase your Wellth, develop your own diet and exercise program.  Define what your ideal diet should be and then refine your current diet until your weight begins to fall.  If you are not exercising, start.  If you are exercising, increase your exercise.  Whatever you do, do no give up until you’ve reached your goal.

Let your friends and colleagues know what you are doing.  Their support is priceless.Here’s your music for the day and a joke. Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance

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2 Replies to “FAILED”

  1. So you are now going thru what I went thru every time you told me to loose at! It sucks to do what your suppose to do and then loose nothing.
    During my cancer treatments I gained wt, thought as sick as you get I would loose but not me! Well after wards I did loose 45 lbs and have kept 35 off. Gained during this homebound pain.
    To work again to loose again I hope.
    So Stu like you use to tell me keep trying!

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