My cousin, Steven, sent me a picture the other day.  Steven is building his family tree so naturally, there is a spot for me.  The picture is from 1932 depicting a large gathering of old people sitting at a table (apparently a birthday party).  Naturally the picture was of interest to Steve and the rest of the Segal clan because my grandparents were in the picture.

What makes this picture truly amazing is that Renee’s grandparents were at the same table. In all the books I read, the detective always says, “I don’t believe in coincidences.” So, were Renee and I destined to be together or was she just plain unlucky?  Relax, that’s a joke.   I’m OK, it’s a good morning.

But really, how freaky is it that Renee and my ancestors partied together in 1932?  I believe she is my soul mate and our getting together was predestined.  So, if our being together was fate, then is the rest of life prewritten and we can do whatever we want without fear of changing the future?  If so, time to attack the refrigerator.  Pimento cheese sandwiches are to die for/from!

Let me change topics for a minute. STURGIS!  I am blown away by the thousands of bikers in Sturges.  They must believe that life is a prewritten play that they are just acting out.  Their acting out by not wearing appropriate facemasks and keeping social distancing may well create a major spike in illness and death across the country.

I don’t believe in coincidences.  Where there is a major gathering of people, there is a spike in Covid cases.  When people put on masks and practice social distancing, the number of cases decreases. In all the pictures I’ve seen, few people in Sturges are wearing masks and certainly there is no distancing.  We should all probably say a prayer for Sturges.

Here’s your music for today and a joke.

Why should you never fight Destiny? 

Because then you will have to fight the bouncers, and every other stripper in the club.

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