Are you fed up with politics?  Are you fed up with Covid? I am!  I’m just plain, old fashioned fed up!  First on my list is the virus.  Its not bad enough that the news is constantly updating the numbers of infected and dying patients, but many of the most popular TV shows are now incorporating horrific scenes of overtaxed hospitals, exhausted and demoralized medical staffs and the stories of the families who have lost their loved ones.

I’m also fed up with those individuals who don’t believe the pandemic is true.  Then there are those who don’t believe that masks and social distancing work. They are quick to tell you that the figures are being inflated by doctors who are padding their pockets with Corona dollars or some other ludicrous conspiracy theory.  While these individuals may be experts in their own rights in such noble professions as construction, law, sales, etc., they are not doctors nor scientists; yet, after doing some internet research on their own, you would think that they held PhDs in public health and infectious diseases. 

I am fed up with the constant bombardment of my email account with film clips and supposed news articles supporting the ridiculous notion that Covid is really not harmful and the government is just using it to control our behavior and take away our rights.  I’m fed up!  I’m at the point where I think the best solution for the doubters is to have them prove their points by simply asking them to kiss a Covid patient on the lips and see what happens.

I’m fed up with the presidential election and the never-ending news reports and lawsuits.  I’m fed up with those who are delaying the peaceful transition of governments we have been famous for.  I’m a lifelong republican who is ashamed that no one in the republican party is willing to stand up to Trump and tell him to get off the golf course and get back to work on stopping Covid and to start the transition of power, preparing the new government for day one of their existence.

I’m fed up living in a body that is constantly malfunctioning.  My 3-year-old granddaughter recently said, “Zadie, you’re falling apart.”  She’s right!  It seems like I develop a new problem daily.  A few nights ago while watching TV with Renee, a piece of tooth popped out of my mouth.  I suspect that being fed up with the election and Covid had me clenching my jaw, breaking my tooth.

If it wasn’t bad enough that I lost part of a tooth, my mood worsened when I found out the dentist’s office was under 2 weeks of quarantine due a staff member’s infection with a “fake” virus.

If I’m fed up, I can’t imagine what it must be like for those workers who have lost their livelihood to Covid shutdowns or illness.  I can’t imagine what it feels like to lose a loved one to a viral infection that, according to the internet, doesn’t exist.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be hospitalized and not allowed to see your loved ones.  

I guess I’m not as fed up as I was when I started writing this article. I’m actually feeling blessed to be sitting here with Kenzie and Renee planning out our day.  I’m blessed to be able to silence my TV and play Barbie.  While others are reading crap on the internet, I’ll be learning how to smile from Kenzie and Hudson.

If you’re fed-up, take a lesson from me.  Spend some time with a kid and lose yourself in the innocence of childhood.  Hopefully, by the time you come back to earth, things will be better.

Here’s your song and joke for the day. 

A farmer was fed up with drivers speeding down the road where he lived, so he asked the police to put up a sign…

They put up a “Slow down, speed limit” sign – with no effect. Then, “Danger, road hazard!” sign was put up, but had no effect, either. Then the police tried a sign stating “Children crossing” – and still nobody slowed down.

Finally, the farmer asked the police if he could put up his own sign. They agreed, and to their surprise, just days later a passing officer saw a row of cars moving very slowly past the farmer’s place. The policeman approached the farm, and saw a new, hand-painted sign stating: “Nudist Colony”.

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