How the heck do you expect me to lose weight?  I was at the pool yesterday meeting new people. Of interest, the men all looked the same with guts hanging over their bathing suits and 2-day old scruff on their faces.  The women looked the same as well with varicose veins on their legs, paunchy waistlines and ample sagging breasts.

The community is made up of families from: New York, Chicago, Wisconsin, Ohio and an assortment of other cities.  Everyone has the same complaint and it centers around food.  The Pizza is not as good as New York or Chicago’s.  The deli is sorely lacking.  You can’t find a good 

Chinese restaurant anywhere.  Even the Carolina barbeque is not what one expects.  Hell, I met Jim from Norfolk who talked about Virginia white barbeque.

How am I supposed to lose weight when the conversation at the pool involves food and where to find food almost as good as back home (wherever home used to be)?  It’s kinda funny listening to everyone lamenting the lack of really good food while sunbathing in their extra-large bathing suits with their protuberant guts.

Next year, when I’m 20 pounds lighter, I’ll try the pizza joint up the road that the New Yorkers tout as being similar to a true New York pizza.   Next year, I’ll try the Italian deli that is “not quite as good” as the real thing.  I’ll have to fly back to Chicago to get Jewish deli and real Chinese food.  In the meantime, I’ll walk away from the pool conversation, drooling and dreaming of dishes never to be enjoyed again.

By the way, I’d like to lose 40 pounds, would accept 20 pounds and realistically will be happy with a 5-pound loss in the next year.  My readers have been supportive, sending me links to all the latest diets.  Yesterday, I read up on the Carnivore Diet (another version of the Keto diet).  I certainly appreciate the support but I’m hell-bent on eating a balanced diet that I can stay on forever.  

I’ll be patient and continue to refine my diet, increase my exercise and enjoy life as much as possible.  Sooner or later, the weight will decrease.  I’ll keep you informed of my progress in an attempt to help you improve your diet and wellbeing.

By the way, don’t forget to get your flu shot.  I felt rather punk for 2 days after mine.  It was worth it.  I’d rather feel punk for a few days than sick for a few weeks.

Here’s your music and a joke. A lawyer walks into a doctor’s office with a frog on his head.  The doctor says, “That’s a nasty looking growth on you’ve got there.”  “I’ll say,” replies the frog, “It started out as a pimple on my ass!”  

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