First, I am not a biblical scholar.  That being said, I wonder if we are entering the “end times.”  If you don’t believe that climate changes are caused by man’s rape of the earth or you believe that Covid really is the government’s attempt to control us, stop reading here. 

In the last few days, I’ve watched a movie in which a Rabbi discusses the negative affects of climate change and man’s role in causing climate change, I’ve listened to another Rabbi discuss the same topic and the urgency of the situation, and I’ve marveled at the fact that despite having an effective vaccine against Covid, 50 percent of the US population have yet to be vaccinated.

Personally, I believe in the concept of free will.  I have to!  Afterall, if everything is preordained, then nothing we do matters, and it looks like we are fucked.  So, assume we have “free will.”  That means we can choose to combat Covid and climate change or we can choose to ignore it.  Right?

Let me tell you why I think we are entering “end times.”  I’ve been expecting a pandemic for years.  Pandemics are cyclical and we’ve been overdue for one.  I also expected that Covid, like other viruses, would mutate and that the war against Covid would be lengthy and hard fought with lots of casualties.  I did not expect that we would have a vaccine in a timely manner.  I also did not expect a significant mutation would occur so quickly.

Here’s where free will enters the game.  The best way to delay or prevent more significant mutations in the virus is to refuse to harbor and nurture the virus.  That means that we need to immunize everyone ASAP and continue to work on new and novel ways to make vaccines.  Unfortunately, a significant percentage of our population have exercised their free wills and decided not to immunize themselves or their families.

If you think Delta is nasty, wait until Delta gives birth to another mutant with an even greater ability to kill humans.  If we wait long enough, our expression of free will may well lead to an untreatable viral enemy that makes Noah’s flood look like child’s play.  Sure, there may be future, unforeseen consequences of the vaccine; but there are unforeseen consequences to everything we consume or do.  The consequences of not taking the vaccine are real and include death. If you die, that’s your choice; but if you turn into a killer and give Covid to a friend who dies from it, that’s unforgiveable.   Remember, your freedom ends at the tip of my nose.

Regrettably, I think climate change is a done deal.  We may be able to rescue our planet but it’s going to take years.

Here’s today’s joke:

The real reason not to do anything against climate change:

Just think how dumb we’d look in front of our children, if twenty years from now we discover climate change was in fact not real. We’d have cleaned the ocean and the cities, preserved the rain forests and millions of species, innovated in multiple industries, made the air breathable again, created a more sustainable lifestyle for the decades to come and a better world for our children, completely for nothing. I’m pretty sure we’d all doom the fool that made us do all that.

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