Happy New Years

I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.  This past year has been a year of change.  As happens every year, some of the changes have been good, some bad but most of the changes are mixed blessing and curses.

As we start the new year, we have settled in Indian Trail, North Carolina and are adapting to the many changes in lifestyle caused by both Covid and the southern lifestyle.  We seriously miss our Illinois friends.  Keeping up with the friends we left behind has helped keep us sane, but nothing will replace actually being with them.

We are actively meeting our new neighbors and I’m happy to say that my nextdoor neighbor has two beautiful dogs that I’ve become friends with.  Living in a community where everyone is old is certainly different.  The fact that everyone I’ve met is healthier than me is definitely upsetting but also has helped fuel my desire to exercise and lose weight.

Parkinson’s is a cruel companion and an ever-increasing body of research suggests that diet and exercise may delay the disease and lessen its impact.  I invite each and every one of you to be as fit and “WELLTHY” as you can by exercising as if your life depends on it.  Your life may actually depend on how buff you are!

There are many other diseases which may be prevented or improved with exercise, weight loss and a proper diet.  Please, dedicate this year and all future years to staying healthy and happy.

For those of you who are workaholics, all I can say is I’ve been there, done it and can tell you that the price you will pay for hours away from family and the gym won’t be worth it in the end.  Americans live to work while Europeans work to live.  Life is too short!  Learn to work to live and make the most out of the life you have.

Renee and I wish you all a very healthy and happy new year.  

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  1. Happy New Year to you and Renee! I don’t think that I have your new address to send you our New Year’s greetings.

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