The last two days have been dedicated to the concept of balance.  Just how balanced are you?  How do you find your balance?  How do you maintain it?

First, a confession.  At almost 69 years old and having practiced medicine for close to 40 years, I still can’t fully answer the last two questions above, so don’t fret if you can’t.  Despite all that is going wrong in today’s world, emotionally, I’m pretty balanced.  Currently, I find my balance in my granddaughter’s smile, humor and love.  Yesterday, in the midst of unpacking, she ate lunch and dinner with me, conspired to get a few extra M&Ms with me and showered me with hugs and kisses.

In answer to question number 3, well here I am in Indian Trail, North Carolina, halfway between my son in Georgia and my eldest in Virginia, and, of course, only 3 hours from my childhood friends.  Your hardest task of every day is maintaining your emotional balance.  

Ongoing, impending world-wide disasters currently are tugging at you and me, trying to knock us off balance.  Actually, tugging is too mild a word.  Covid is kicking our butts!  Unfortunately, most of the population is not dealing with Covid, magically wishing it away, following the lead of President Trump.  Please don’t ignore Covid-19.  Get your Covid-19 balance by establishing social distancing, wearing masks in public and WASHING YOUR HANDS! 

As for maintaining your balance, follow my lead.  Lean heavily on family and friends, hugs and kisses.  In a few hours, I’ll facetime with RJ, my grandson, and get a heavy dose of love.  He’s coming to visit in a few weeks, then we’ll go see him.  I’ll facetime with my brother as well.  Then, I’ll get back to unpacking.  My biggest decision today will be deciding where to put all of my junk!  

Oh yes, it’s time to prep for hurricanes.  It’s that time of the year and the first one may be coming shortly.  Prepping for anticipated problems is another way of maintaining your balance. Yes, I’ve been waiting for the third shoe to fall and here it is.

Oh yes, a little good music and humor will help maintain your balance as well.

Here’s your daily music and joke:

Bread is like the sun, it rises in the yeast and sets in the waist.  

Think about it! It certainly is true in my case. My waist has a lot in common with the equator; both are massive.

Soviet Premier Brezhnev, as is his habit, looks out the window of his Kremlin office at the morning sun.

“Good morning, Comrade sun” he says. The sun answers, “Good morning, Comrade Premier.”

About noon Brezhnev looks up through the skylight and says, “Good day, Comrade sun.” The sun dutifully answers,”Good day, Comrade Premier.”

In the afternoon Brezhnev peers out his window at the setting sun and says, “Good afternoon, Comrade sun.” “Fuck you, Brezhnev” says the sun. “I’m in the West now.”

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