Bummer!  My readership is down.  Normally, I would write about sex but I’ve gone as far as I can with that topic.  Unfortunately, sex is the only topic that gets a rise out of my readers.  I thought about writing an article or two on diet and healthy eating, but I seem to have lost that battle.  For sure, I don’t want to write about a failure of mine.

Renee’s lifelong friend from Norfolk has been visiting.  Last night, we talked about diet and exercise and I realized that food was my last great pleasure.  I had chalked up my failure to the loss of my companion, Will Power.  In reality, Will is still at my side, I’m just ignoring him.

The real problem is that I have to make an important decision.  My weight is reaching critical mass.  There is a point in every fat man’s life where either his weight crushes him or he loses weight.  If my weight keeps going up, exercise will become impossible.  So will simply going out and doing anything else fun.  At that point, it would be me and my smart-ass refrigerator.

Did I tell you my LG refrigerator utilizes smart technology?  Well, it does; and, if I’m anywhere near it, I hear its call, “Stewart, come here, I’ve got something good for you!”  Yep, just being in the room with it is dangerous.  There I go again blaming something else for my failure. 

So, what do I do?  One quick solution is to live in my car.  Renee bought us a convertible and riding in it is better than taking antidepressants.  She’s my chauffer and really enjoys driving me around.  However, I can’t hide in the car.  The other option is to burn more calories.  Walking and exercising is growing harder due to my Parkinson’s and obesity.  I’ve never let something hard block me from reaching a goal.  I’ve also never had a crippling disease. 

So, what do I do?  I’ve scanned the internet for success stories.  I’ve re-enlisted my buddy, Will Power, and I’ve decided to keep eating and counterattack by burning more calories.  The sun is coming up and my walker and I are going for a short walk every 2 hours.  Later today, Renee will drive me up to the gym. I’ll ride the recumbent bike (if I can get on it) for 3-5 minutes, do some stretching and come home exhausted.

I’m taking the “chicken steps (every little step is important)” approach and expect to make a little progress weekly for a long time to come.  My hand is healing so I’ll resume Rock Steady next week.  Most importantly of all is resolving not to go over the obesity cliff I’m facing.

 I used to read a book to the kids that was about a train climbing a hill going, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”   I know I can!

Here’s your joke for the day:

Patient goes to the doctor about his obesity…

He says, “It’s not my fault doctor, obesity runs in my family.”

Doctor replies, “No, the problem is no one runs in your family.”

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2 Replies to “I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!”

  1. I feel your pain about obesity. What I have learned about myself is that if I don’t buy it I won’t eat it. I have a developed a real dislike for going to the grocery store. So a lot of times my pantry is bare. I have lost a little weight and go quickly by the aisles were all the goodies are. I have give up on the idea that I will be thin like I was years ago. That way I don’t keep beating myself up. There are NO easy answers to losing weight. So I just do the best I can. That’s all any of us can do. Love you kiddo.

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