I thought I had seen everything.  I hadn’t!  Tonight, I saw a commercial for pubic hair.  That’s right, the cartoon character sang a song in which she proclaims how proud she was of her pubic hair.  In the next scene, the razor she used to sculpt her pubic hair was featured.  How long before we see actresses singing about their vaginas on commercials.  Perhaps the doc who’s on prime time touting her deodorant for private parts will commission a song about vagina pride.  Personally, I can’t wait till Hallmark has a National Pubic Hair Pride Day.  Perhaps we could have a Pubic Parade and shout, “Show us your pubes!”

The other thing I never thought I would see is mail order antidepressants and erectile meds.  The commercial is very reassuring stating that the meds are prescribed by licensed providers. You can be happy, hard and last longer! Depression can be a serious disorder and is best treated by counseling with appropriate follow-up with a MD.  Did it ever dawn on you that erectile dysfunction may be nature’s way of keeping you from screwing yourself to death?  ED is often related to vascular disease.  Lastly, erectile dysfunction is often the result of other disorders.  Sure, the medications are relatively safe but performing an exam over the phone is impossible.  While the rectum tolerates a finger, a cell phone or computer just won’t fit.  The commercials for ED are more than suggestive.  When I was young, they would have been considered pornographic. They certainly are better then the Playboy that used to hide under my mattress!

 The medical world moved to phone medicine during the pandemic.  It appears that phone medicine is being normalized and is here to stay.   I don’t like it.  Being able to see a patient in person, witness their demeanor, facial expressions, and interaction with others all help in making appropriate diagnosis and monitoring treatment success. 

Here’s today’s joke:

In Australia, a man set his pubic hair on fire;  I guess you could call that an “Australian bush fire.”

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  1. This was hysterical and also alarming to see where advertising is going….and society along with it.

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