I really am sick of the news media.  Every 30 minutes reveals new “Breaking News.”  The new breaking news is the same as the last breaking news and, most probably, will turns out to be wrong.  That’s right, I said wrong.

You don’t need a mask.  You need a mask.  You don’t need an N95 mask, a home made one using toilet paper will work.  Maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and another person.  Tests show coughs go 9 feet or more.

A million people are going to die.  No, it’s more like 50 thousand.   No, it’s now looking like 100,000 will die.  It’s ok to let businesses open, people can protect themselves by keeping their distance and wearing mask.  It’ not ok to open businesses, it will lead to Armageddon. I think the truth is that every scenario is fraught with risk. So, weigh your risks against your potential benefits and make the decision that iseems right for you and your family.  Oh yes, you might also say a prayer or two.

THE TRUTH IS NO ONE KNOWS WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN OR WHAT’S RIGHT. The news media is interviewing “experts” in an attempt to grab market share.  Their experts use the scientific method to try to predict what’s coming next.  The key word is “predict”!  They don’t actually know what’s coming.  I think the best thing the pundits could do is to qualify everything they predict with a disclaimer or other qualifier.

“At this time, with the data we have available, we believe that 75- 100,00 Americans are likely to die from Covid-19,” is a lot different than “75-100,00 thousand Americans will die.”  Of course, it’s not as sensational as the qualified statement and therefore, not as likely to increase the news program’s market share.

It’s time we recognize that we are in uncharted territory.  We are learning and sooner or later will figure out what to do; but, in the meanwhile, we are on a roller coaster and can’t get off.  So, buckle up, take sensible precautions, protect those at risk and get back to living your life.

When you hear, “Breaking news,” don’t panic.  What they tell you today, they are likely to rescind tomorrow.  By the way, if you listen to one, one-hour news program a day, you’ll get all the info you need.  If you let them bombard you for hours every day, you’ll probably be more anxious and depressed than you need to be.

My favorite Covid news: https://youtu.be/_5DXs8xxaMU, will help make my point.

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