I heard a doc say, “It’s not just if you get infected, it’s how you get infected” that matters.  The larger the exposure/dose, the worse the disease.  If he is right and the size of the viral load you are infected with is directly related to the degree of illness you develop, then not wearing a mass is lunacy.

As I previously stated, masks primarily block larger particles in your breath from reaching others.  The secondary effect is to prevent or lessen the load of droplets being actively propelled into your airway by the person in front of you.  Yeah, every time you’re with unmasked or poorly masked individuals, you are breathing all of their air.

When I was bar hopping in my 20’s, inhaling a cute girl’s air was sweet, now it’s poison.  Wear masks in public, if not for others, then for yourself.  I know it’s your right to not wear a mask.  I know you believe what the internet says: masks don’t work or make you worse.  Even if there was only a small chance of controlling this virus by universal masking, it would be worth doing.  

My colleagues and I wore masks our entire careers. I treated infectious diseases while I donned masks, used sterile technique and hand washing for close to 40 years without getting seriously infected.  CERTAINLY, I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY COLLEAGUE INJURED BY WEARING A MASK.

My readers want to know what they can do about those people who refuse wearing masks.  There is only one thing to do: turn and walk away. Actually, you could pray that you walked away fast enough and that the person who was exercising his/her right not to wear a mask never knows the pain of being wrong. MY FAVORITE PRAY IS “MAY YOU BE SO BLESSED AS TO NEVER KNOW WHAT DISEASE YO U PREVENTED.”

Here’s your music for this am and a joke.

They said that a mask and gloves were enough to go to the supermarket.

They lied, everyone else has clothes on.

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