It has been a very long day so this will be a very short article.  In the past, I have written about the miraculous ability the body to respond to its environment in order to survive.  In response to environmental stresses, your body can make new bone, muscle and blood vessels.  It can thicken your skin (calluses) to create a protective exoskeleton.  It can also learn to make new blood more efficiently.

The donation of blood and blood elements may well be the gift of life for another individual. Giving blood costs you some time and nothing more.  What you get in return is more than helping another soul survive.  You help yourself survive.  Giving blood is a stressor like running on a treadmill.  Your body has to replace what it has lost.  If you give blood on a regular basis, your body will learn to make blood more efficiently and faster.  If you are in an accident or bleed from an ulcer, your body will be better able to repair itself.

Donating blood proves that, by giving to others, you improve your own lot in life.  Sign up at your local blood bank.  Give and give often!

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