Liar, liar, pants on fire.  Remember when we were kids and chanted, “Liar, liar, pants on fire?”  As adults, it’s often difficult to tell who is lying!  Certainly, the political ads are full of incriminations.  If you listen to the ads, it’s apparent that all the politicians are lying. Personally, I think being a good liar is the primary skill a politician needs to get elected.

What I’m really interested in is not which politician is lying but are the numbers of individuals infected by the Corona virus true and reliable or is the pandemic really not as bad as it’s made out to be.  It seems that a large percentage of our fellow Americans think that the statistics surrounding the pandemic are wrong and have been blown out of proportion by our government or some other hidden organization. 

Perhaps the mask makers consortium is behind the Corona virus outbreak.  Perhaps the plexiglass manufacturers of America are using the media to sell more of their product.  Whichever conspiracy you use to justify not wearing masks and partying late into the night with hundreds of others is not important to me.  What is important is getting you to ask one pivotal question.  “What happens if I’m wrong?”

Let’s assume that you are right.  Let’s assume the figures are blown way out of proportion. Let’s assume that the actual odds of you getting infected are 1 in 500,000.  If you’re the 1 in 500,000 who end up in the ICU or gives it to your aging parent, was not wearing a mask worth it?  I can guarantee you it was not worth it!  Over the last 40 years, I’ve seen patients play the long odds and lose!  Not a single one of them was happy.  Some of them died, some were left handicapped but alive with lots of suffering and regrets.

No matter what you think, wear your damn mask!  Sure, data on various masks is lacking but the predominance of the data still says a mask is better than nothing.  Some of you are anxiously awaiting a vaccine.  Some of you already have decided you won’t take a vaccine.  Again, conspiracy theories are flooding the internet.

I’ve yet to see any data on the vaccine.  What I can tell you is that once the vaccine is approved and that I’ve digested the data dump that accompanies the vaccine, I’ll decide if I’m going to take it or not.  I don’t understand how anyone can categorically state that they will not take the vaccine when they know nothing about it!  

Now you know why I haven’t written in weeks. I’m disappointed and I’m mad. We shouldn’t need the government to encourage or force us to wear a mask.  Wearing a mask should be an automatic response to an infectious threat.  Not only should we want to protect our families, we should want to protect each other.

In the old days, I used to finish my articles with, “The life you save may be your own.”  Now it’s the life you save may be your own or a loved one!

Here’s your music for the day and a joke. 

Three little old ladies were sitting in the park on a bench when suddenly a naked man jumps out of the bushes and flashes them. Well, two of the old ladies had a stroke the third one couldn’t reach.

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  1. Great article! Can’t understand the mask thing – we wear it for 8 hours a day at the office and Terry has to remind me to take it off when I am in the house….so used to it now. Miss you!

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