Finally, we we’re going to tell our children the truth!  Lying, cheating and stealing pay off. Yep, Santos is definitive proof.  He has taken lying to the extreme.  He is accused of stealing funds from a dying dog of a veteran.  His behavior has been rewarded with a position in the US Congress.   He’s a Republican; and, due to the tight margin by which the Republicans hold the House, it looks like the Speaker of the House is going to accept his lies to hold on to the majority.

So much for honesty is the best policy!  I always thought that good people go to Washington and get infected with the Politico Virus.  Now I think I’ve been naïve.  Bad people go to Washington where they can misbehave just because bad behavior is acceptable there.

We all know that campaign promises are rarely kept.  In Illinois, it’s not uncommon to see the governor go from the governor’s mansion to jail at the end of their term.  Trump and Biden are both in legal jeopardy.  Both are likely to walk away clean.  So, thank you, Mr. Santos (if that’s your real name) for taking lying, cheating, and stealing to such heights and profiting from them.  Now we can adjust our high school and college curriculum to get our kids ready for careers in politics!

Just imagine the curriculum at the Santos School of Political Pseudo-Science.  Of course, there will be the Legos , Build a Lie series, hosted by Donald; Tax Evasion 101 hosted by various Senators and Congresspersons (or how to get rich stealing from the government); Mastery of Lechery with guest speaker Bill Clinton;  and the all time favorite, Excuses for having misplaced sensitive documents hosted by the dynamic Trump-Biden team. “I meant to bring them back to work but Donald stopped by with some really good pot and we kinda got stoned.  I’ll bring them back next week!” Finally, there  is a short course on Pardon Power.  The ultimate political tool

can forgive all mistakes, big and small.

The joke today is on all of us who elect these Bozos over and over again.

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