I turned 70 on the 19th and had a phenomenal weekend with my whole family.  We all met in Marietta, Georgia at my son’s house.  Once again, I ate too much and drank too much.  It’s back to my diet today and to Rock Steady next week. Today’s article is going to focus on wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

First, I GET IT! I spent the last 45 years wearing surgical masks and hated them.  Every time I had to mask, I put one on even though they were uncomfortable.  During my surgical training, I wore masks all day long.  They irritated my skin and assaulted my sense of smell; and, on occasion, I felt like they were cutting off my air supply.

I wore masks when I was sick.  I wore masks when my patients were sick.  I wore masks during the flu season.  I dressed in gowns, gloves, and masks when I made rounds on an infectious disease patient.  I made it to 70 years old by taking the appropriate precautions even though I hated masks.

I DON’T GET WHY SO MANY PEOPLE REFUSE TO PUT ON MASKS AND GET VACCINATED AGAINST COVID.  You may believe that Covid-19 is not real.  If I’m wrong and Covid-19 is a hoax, then a lot of people are dying from nothing; and statistics suggest that wearing a mask and getting vaccinated will prevent you from dying from “nothing.”

The number of cases of Covid-19 are rising again.  The number of deaths will rise as well.  I’ve had Covid-19 and the Pfizer vaccine.  I’m going back to masking.  I’d rather wear a mask than get Covid-19 again.  When a booster becomes available, I’ll take that as well. 

I’m starting to ask acquaintances if they been vaccinated and will stay away from those individuals who choose to refuse vaccination.  They have the right to get sick and even die but they do not have the right to contaminate me and my family.  I will forever regret giving Covid-19 to my dearest friends.  I was cocky and thought that I was trained well enough as to not catch Covid-19.  After all, in 45 years of practicing medicine, I had never caught an infectious disease from a patient.  Boy, was I wrong!  I’m not so cocky now.

Don’t be so self-assured that you miss your chance to prevent Covid from assaulting you and your family.  Put a mask on and get vaccinated.  Remember, the life you save may be your own.

Here’s your joke for the day:

I got pulled over by the police …

He came to the window and said papers …

I said – scissors, I win – and drove off He must be desperate for a rematch as he’s been ch

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