It’s amazing how I could preach meal planning for years and yet, skip this most important task.  I’m a self-proclaimed food addict and a food addict should never go to the grocery store hungry.   A food addict should never wait until the last moment to decide on what he/she is going to eat.  Before going into a restaurant, a food addict should have studied the menu, and, when full, should decide what he/she is going to order.

There is a temptress around every corner in every grocery store and restaurant.  The food industry hires experts to advertise and place food in such a way that’s it’s almost impossible not to buy and eat it.  The Giant Open Air Market in Norfolk was a perfect example.  When they opened, they piped the smells of bakery fresh bread into the store entrance.  From the minute I walked into the store, I wanted hot bread even though it was not on my grocery list.

In order to protect yourself from buying and consuming the wrong types of food, you should plan your meals in advance.  Yesterday, I planned my meals for the week, went to the grocer, bought what I needed. Made six meals and froze extra for next week.

Last night, I prepped for my breakfast by putting measured amounts of oatmeal and water in a microwaveable bowl with Sweet N Low and cinnamon and left it in the microwave.  This am, I hit the on button and waited for the ding that signified the beginning of today’s eating orgy.  Actually, now that I have my meals setup for the week, it’s no longer a food orgy.  

So, it’s time for me to follow my own advice.  By planning my meals in advance, I should be able to control my appetite and improve my intake.  In the past, I would have told you, “the truth is in the pudding.”  Unfortunately, pudding is not on my diet and “the proof is in the fig” just doesn’t sound right.

Give me 1 month and I’ll report how I’m doing.  One thing is for sure!  I’m going to lose this weight!

Here’s your music for the day and a joke. 

The problem isn’t that obesity runs in your family.

It’s that nobody runs in your family.

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