As many of you know, Renee and I are moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.  We were in Charlotte last week getting to know our new grandson and checking on the construction of our new house.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, we flew back to Chicago on Sunday.  Both airports were not busy and it was easy to stay at least 6 feet apart from others.  I’m pleased to share with you the fact that United Airlines sat passengers as far away from each other as possible.  I’m also pleased to say that I did not see one person cough!

What I was shocked to see was that ,of 16 individuals wearing masks in the Charlotte airport, 14 had either an inappropriate mask or wore them in such a manner as to negate their benefit.  As a physician, we are fitted for masks on a yearly basis.  There are multiple types and sizes of mask.  Employee health screens you for contraindications to wearing masks then sizes your face and verifies that you know how to put the mask on so that the mask seals properly.

If you have underlying lung disease, an N95 mask could possibly restrict your breathing enough to cause you serious harm.  Before you buy a mask, check with your doctor to make sure using a mask is safe.

Goggle “How to use a N95 mask for instructions on how to use your mask or click on this hyperlink.  Remember, you must have the right size mask.  They are not one size fits all.

Of the individuals I saw wearing masks, the most common mistake was wearing the mask too far down the nose.  The other really ridiculous mistake I witnessed was pressing the cell phone up against the mask while carrying on a conversation.  The phone deforms the mask causing it to leak.

The two passengers on my plane who wore masks pulled the mask up and down on a regular basis.  They contaminated the mask and their hands the first time they pulled it down and they never checked for a seal.

If you are sick, wear a proper mask.  Review the procedure for putting on a mask before you use it.  If you are not sick, you don’t have to have a mask and your using one, leads to shortages depriving those who are ill and those in the work force who also need those masks.  Be safe and well.  The life you save may be your own. 

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