In a conversation about the anticipated Covid vaccines, one of my patients asked me what my thoughts were in regard to the nanotechnology being incorporated in the vaccines.  HIs concern was that nanotech provides the authorities (whoever they may be) with the capability to monitor those individuals who have received the vaccine including the ability to verify whether an individual received the vaccine or not.

Frankly I do not know anything about nanotechnology and vaccines, nor had I seen any mention of such devices in my literature.  I did promise him that I would scan my literature and see what I could learn.  Conspiracy theories flourish on the net and I was sure that his was one of the more ludicrous rumors.

My patient is an avid sci-fi reader and a learned man.  He quickly pointed out the fact that much of what was sci-fi when we were growing up is now fact. Knowing that I wear an Apple watch, he reminded me of how unrealistic Dick Tracy’s video watch was when it showed up in the comics in the 50s. As per usual, my patient has a good point.  Researching nanotechnologies use in medicine is scary only because in the world of sci-fi, nanobots usually destroy the earth.

Before I proceed with what I’ve found, I am fairly certain that, if any medical personnel performed any procedure on you without your permission, they could be charged with felony assault and battery and open to all sorts of malpractice suits.  So, if the day comes when vaccines not only protect you from disease but tag you with traceable material, you will be given proper informed consent prior to their administration. A future article will cover informed consent but for now let’s say that informed consent outlines benefits, and risk associated with any procedure or medication given.

Ever hear the expression, “That’s Greek to me?”  In fact, nanotechnology is being used in today’s research into vaccines but how it’s going to work is Greek to me.  It seems that nanotechnology looks promising but in its earliest stage of development.  

The definition of nanotechnology is ”the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules” (according to Google and we all know Google is the world’s authority on everything).  Simply put, nanotechnology is a huge field dealing with tiny objects. Unfortunately, when someone mentions “nano” many people think of James Bond and saving the world from evil scientist and their nanobot attacks.  I’m sure evil scientist exist and will one day attack with the fruits of their evil labors (Covid?).  Fortunately, today’s vaccines are being developed by multiple of the world’s foremost pharmaceutical companies and scrutinized by governments and scientist worldwide.

In answer to the question I get most often, I look forward to being vaccinated against Covid.  I need to normalize my life as soon as possible.  However, I’m certain that I will mask even after receiving the vaccine.  Playing mask man to the rescue with Renee is fun!

Here’s your music and a joke.

Looks like the end of the world…

Is also made in China.

Two men are at the bar drinking, when all of a sudden, a breaking news report comes on. “Breaking news, the world will end in one week! According to top scientist a meteor will hit the Earth in 7 days!” The first man looks at his friend and say, “so what are you going to in your last days?” To this his friend replies, “fuck anything that moves, what about you?” the first man then says, “not move!”

Writer’s note:  My editor is under the weather, so this is an unedited publication.  Please refrain on commenting on my punctuation and spelling.

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