I just went through pictures from Jeremy and Allyson’s wedding 10 years ago.  Happy Anniversary!  What a difference 10 years makes.  Actually, what a difference the last year made.

Do you remember what life was like pre-covid?  After a year of wearing masks everywhere, social distancing and an obsession with topical antiseptics, do you remember crowding into an airport terminal, sitting down in a restaurant, visiting with family and friends, going to work, etc?  I don’t!  When I look through the wedding pictures, the first thing I notice is an absence of mask.  Second, and just as amazing, is that people are dancing with each other.  Those were the days!

Has your life started to normalize?  Are you vaccinated?  Do you trust the vaccines, CDC and talking heads on TV?  Have you gone out to eat?  Gone to the movie theater? Gone to the office to work? Had friends and family over?  Taken your mask off in public?  Have you hugged a friend?  (I saw five doctors this week and not one of them shook my hand.)

Will life ever return to pre-Covid normality?  Unfortunately, no one knows!  Renee and I are normalizing our lives now.  We are fully vaccinated and have re-entered society, masking only if the hospital, doc’s office, store or restaurant we are in requires a mask.

After spending our first year in Charlotte in seclusion, it’s going to be fun exploring all that Charlotte and the surrounding cities have to offer.  Unfortunately, many establishments have yet to fully open and some have closed forever.  Hopefully, new owners will move into empty spaces and expand our ability to enjoy our surroundings.

I actually miss shopping in stores.  I’m sick of Amazon and other online vendors.  It seems like salespersons and clerks are friendlier post-Covid.  Certainly, my doctor’s front office staff and nurses are friendlier and more helpful.  My bet is that the improved attitudes and demeanor I’m seeing is related to spacing appointments further apart and, in the retail world, less customers. 

Having run a large medical office, I am very familiar with the costs of running a practice and the reimbursement for taking care of patients.  In prior articles, I have mentioned that I was sorry I was not still practicing medicine.  Frankly, if I were still in practice, I would be going broke.

For a multitude of reasons, it’s time to return to normal.  It’s time to put Covid behind us and celebrate life.  There are those of you who won’t be able to return to pre-Covid life.  I recommend you see your docs, as depression and PTSD secondary to Covid are on the rise.

Have a great holiday weekend.  It’s a good time to get started on the rest of your life.

Here’s a joke for today:

This holiday season I’m just looking for a nice girl. A girl-next-door type who is just sweet, caring, smart, and funny…

Someone I can laugh with, you know? Someone who is there for me. Just a kind, and loving individual with absolutely massive tits. Is that so much to ask for?

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