I could not say it better!  Here’s a link to ZdoggMD.

I find it interesting that Zdogg attributes a large portion of his success to training he received from nurses.  During my 4th year of medical school I did my clinical rotations at Portsmouth General Hospital. PGH did not have a formal curriculum so the medical director assigned his old school head nurse the task of arranging my rotations and my training.

She was phenomenal.  First of all, no one ever said no to her.  Her skill set and knowledge were amazing.  I think she was the most respected person in the hospital.  Beyond arranging for my clinical rotations, she trained me as a nurse.  That knowledge helped shape me into the physician I became.

Unfortunately, nurses, like doctors, have become enslaved by the hospital’s and insurer’s lust for data.  We’ve all become data input specialists, clicking away, checking boxes and recording useless shit that is required by everybody except us (docs and nurses).

At the nurses core/heart is still the desire to care for those in need.  The next time the doc is running late or you have a problem with the hospital or office, remember the video you just watched and don’t take it out on the nurse!

One more thing.  I’ve have gotten multiple requests for my opinion about the “Plandemic” video.  Once again, Zdogg says it better than I can.  Watch:

I am aware that many of you do not like ZdoggMD’s presentation style but his material is factual and he is brilliant.

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