This is not going to be easy.  I’ve never failed at anything I’ve put my mind to and I won’t fail this time. The scale arrived yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting it until Monday.  Should I get on it now?  I committed to starting Monday and Monday it will be.  

The other thing that arrived early was support from my prior patients.  One gentleman reminded me of what I said to him years ago.  Apparently, I said a lot of brilliant things years ago and now I need my readers to remind me of those pearls of wisdom.  In this case, I strongly advised him to go to the gym.  I told him to get on a treadmill behind a pretty woman and run.  It worked.  Now, if I can get Renee to walk in front of me, I can start my exercise.

So, I’ve got resolve, a vital component of success.  I’ve got a consulting team/coaches who surely will aid in my success.  My friend Will Power is present and committed to working with me.  I’ve been training for this for years.  Hell, I wrote the book.  Why am I sweating this?

I’ve never been this heavy in the past.  I’m betting that I am 50 pounds overweight.  That’s literally massive.  What did I tell you when you had a massive amount of weight to lose?  I would have told you to lose 5 pounds at a time.  I would have recommended that every time you hit a 5-pound goal you reassess where you are and if you want to continue.  I also would have been right. 

Five pounds is not massive.  It is doable! Ready, set, go!  I’ll start meal planning and shopping today.  I’ll start chasing Renee. If I get lucky, I’ll burn some extra calories.

Here is your music (remember to click on underlined word).  Here is your joke:

A guy is standing on the bathroom scale desperately sucking in his stomach.
“That’s not going to help,” says his wife.
“Yes, it will,” replies the man. “It’s the only way I can see the numbers!”

Actually this joke is no longer funny.

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  1. Good luck in your weight loss journey. Having been a traveler a few times, I KNOW it is not easy but doable. The trick is to reach your goal and then keep it off. NOT EASY!!!!!
    How’s it going in the new digs?

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