The other day I wrote about the roller coaster of emotions I’m experiencing.  Well, I want to get off this roller coaster but can’t.  Every time I turn on the TV, I’m bombard with opinions, facts and outright lies and its pissing me off.

The solution is obvious.  I just shouldn’t turn on the TV.  For some strange reason, I can’t help myself. The thing that’s eating at me is the fact that my friends and colleagues who work at our local hospitals are really in peril.  Without proper personal protection gear, every patient they see may be a suicide bomber, armed with a potentially lethal virus and ready to take the docs, nurses, staff and their families out.

This situation is outrageous.  Why hasn’t the President and national health authorities remedied this situation?  Calling healthcare workers heroes does nothing to protect them and their families.  Promising that masks, gowns and tests are coming just doesn’t cut it!  Yes, while the docs who took the Hippocratic Oath knew what they signed on for, their families did not.  If I was still an ER doc, I’d be afraid to go home.

I’ve talked to some of my colleagues and, in fact, they are afraid to go home.  We are at war and the enemy has broken through the lines and is attacking us from within.  What can we do?  If you know someone in manufacturing, ask them if they can retool and make protective gear for our healthcare providers.  If you are hoarding masks, donate them to your doc and the local ER.  If you are hoarding sanitizers, share them with your neighbors and friends. If you are hoarding toilet paper, I hope you suffer constipation.

Most of all, obey the shelter in place rules.  If we stay away from others, the virus will not be able to spread.  If you are a know-it-all and think that this crisis is being blown out of proportion by the government and press, obey the rules anyway!  It’s ok to be outraged at the situation no matter how you envision it.  It’s not ok to unknowingly pass the virus about your community.  The sooner we shelter in place, the sooner this is over.

Finally, I’m stress eating and that’s not good.  Are you?  Sitting at home 24/7 is maddening and eating relieves some of my anxiety and stress.  Eating too much of the wrong things combined with limited exercise actually weakens you.  It’s time to enroll in boot camp and prepare for a long battle.  Now if I only had a drill instructor to rein me in!  Oh yeah, I do.  Betsy, help!!!!!!! As for exercise, Renee, can you think of a way to get my pulse up for a while?

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  1. All you have to do is journal and think before you indulge. You know you won’t want to write excessive items so choose wisely. I’m always there for you😘 My clients that are sharing their food journals with me and taking a pic of the scale (while they’re on it😉) are doing great.

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