My war against PHARMA and the insurance companies is destined to fail.  In my first attempt to raise an army of patients, I enlisted NOBODY!  Yes, not one individual showed any interest in writing Congress, PHARMA or the insurance companies. While I was not surprised, I was disappointed.

Until people are willing to stand up against today’s healthcare complex, the only changes we will experience will be costly, increasing the cost of medication, labs, procedures and x-ray.  I will push on, working to expose price gauging and the inequalities between the private system and Medicare. 

My campaign will focus on uncovering just how much money PHARMA and the insurers pour into the campaigns of our political leaders and sharing those numbers with you.  My primary focus will be on those politicians who campaigned on the promise of lowering healthcare costs and reigning in the cost of medications.

Next, I plan on exposing the discrepancies in cost between what US pharmacies and foreign pharmacies charge.  I will tell you that        Canadians and Mexicans must be much brighter than U.S. citizens.  To understand what I’m talking about, all you have to do is read the package insert that comes with the product.  A US package insert is careful to tell you not to eat it, cook with it, put it in your anus, give it to children, etc.  The Mexican insert simply says take as directed.  I guess they don’t use anything rectally unless so instructed; and we, on the other hand, might shove something up our buns just to see what might happen!

As I’m writing this, I’m starting to realize how daunting a task this is going to be.  I’m going to need a lot of help. These companies are not going to say,” Wow, you caught me!  What do you want me to do?”  Instead, they’re going to fight back. Now I’m getting paranoid.  I wonder if using the word “army” puts me on a watch list.

Maybe I should scrap this idea.  What do you think?  I think I’ll fork over my $15,000 a year for my new medication and eat hot dogs at Costco.

Now for an update.  My DBS surgery is on Wednesday.  The last time I was this scared was when I saw “IT”.  I’M JOKING!  I’M REALLY NOT SCARED.


One last thought.  Wouldn’t it be cool if some of you guys got together and started to do what I set out to do?

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5 Replies to “PHARMA WINS, WE LOSE”

  1. Stu, first off good luck Wednesday! You will be fine and as I said this was a life savior for our friend.
    I have been fighting my insurance and pharmacy for years, sometimes I win sometimes I loose. I remember getting some meds from you when I could not afford it, and I have to tell you when I went to work In the Drs offices I called many drug reps to get meds for patients.
    Now it seems like a lot of Drs are working for hospital based offices and do not allow reps to give meds or even visit the offices. Really sad situation.
    Don’t know what else I can do at my age!

  2. Wondering how you write to PHARMA, or the insurance companies. I’d like to be in your army, but need specific guidance. Keep me posted when you are ready to be the general, again. Meanwhile, thinking of you and wishing you a successful surgery. You told me years ago that you would pray for my husband who was having back surgery at GSH. Will be praying for you 🙏🏼

    1. Writing to Pharma starts with identifying who makes the medications you take and then addressing the cost and other issues in your letter. Many medications come with significant manufacturers discounts that are not available to individuals covered by Medicare. Mine came with a mini T.V. programmed to show you a video clip demonstrating the proper wary to inhale the medication. Even if the device cost $10, getting rid of it would have saved $10. I guess that Acordia, the manufacturer of Inbreja, figured that anyone who would pay $750 d0llars for 2 weeks’ worth of medication was either rich enough or desperate enough that they wouldn’t complain about their new video player.

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