I had a great afternoon yesterday.  My Rock Steady group had a pizza party celebrating a successful fund-raising campaign.  We are all about the same age and all of us are either dealing with Parkinson’s or the spouses of someone dealing with it.

As usual, when you get a bunch of Medicare patients together, the conversation eventually turns to Covid and vaccines.  Naturally, everyone has a different opinion and quote different sources.  There are few things that everyone agrees on. 

First, everyone agrees that the authorities are constantly sending out mixed messages.  Early in the pandemic, it was easy to understand why the messaging was so confusing.  Covid represented a new disease; and, as in a boxing match, we received a blow by blow description of who was winning the fight (Covid vs. humanity).  As expected, there was a sharp learning curve leading to humanity taking a lead late in the first round.

Unlike prior fights between humanity and viral infections, Covid found itself with a new champion in its corner and its new champions have proven to be more powerful than its ability to mutate and adapt to its environment.  So, who are these champions of Covid that are keeping it firmly in the fight?  Believe it or not, the new champions of Covid are the Democrats and Republicans we elected a few short years ago.

Yes, Covid has become politicized and rather than the CDC, WHO and local health authorities deciding on the best defense against Covid, The Democrats and Republicans have taken opposite sides and fed confusing messages to the public, stifling our ability to fight this enemy.  Compounding the matter even further, the internet has weighed in, mixing facta and physicians into a noxious slurry that too many people have swallowed.

On a daily basis, I receive lots of questions about Covid, vaccines and treatment options.  They are from former patients, and all appear to have consumed the noxious slurry mentioned above.  Many are scared, not knowing what to do.

Until we settle on one set of medical facts and one unified plan to fight Covid, I fear it will continue to plaque us, or worse, end our rein on earth.  In my lifetime, I’ve seen the eradication of Polio, Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and many others.  We succeeded because we had a unified approach to vaccinations and treatment approaches.  I am not surprised that we need a Covid booster.  None of the vaccines I’ve used over the last 40 years were one and done.  All came with rare risks and all hurt someone.  However, the greater good was accomplished by vaccinating those at risk.  The greater good this time won’t be accomplished until we get politics out of medicine!

Here’s your joke for the day:

A very old man was sitting on his porch when he notices a small boy walking past. “Whatcha got there, sonny?” asks the old man. “Cat wire,” replies the youngster. “Gonna catch me some cats!” The old man starts laughing hysterically.

But sure enough, 3 hours later, the boy walks past the old man’s place with a sack full of cats.

Two days later the old man sees the boy again.

“Whatcha carrying there, boy?” he asks.

“Duct tape. Gonna catch me some ducks!” replies the youngster.

Well, the old man laughs even harder, so hard, he falls out of his chair.

But again, a few hours later, the boy walks past the old man’s house with a sack full of ducks.

Three more days pass and the old man is keeping an eye out for the boy. He finally appears.

“Now what are you carrying?” the old timer inquires.

“Pussy willow,” says the boy. “I’ll get my coat!” the old man snaps bac

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