I had no idea I lived such a privileged life.  Afterall, I only have one life to live; and I lived it well, as did my patients and friends.  Living in Illinois was like being in a giant, plush cocoon.  I worked hard, played hard and enjoyed life to its fullest until I got sick.  Even then, I didn’t fully appreciate how good I had it.

In June, I moved to North Carolina.  My safe, plush cocoon ruptured.  I found myself in a foreign land, devoid of the privileges I had come to expect.  The first cold hard slap across the face was when I entered the medical world as a patient, devoid of my former credentials.

I loved being a doctor.  I hate being a patient.  I have to admit my shift in roles has taught me some very valuable lessons but has come at a cost.  No longer can Dr. Segal get put through to his doctor.  No longer does Dr. Segal get instant appointments.  My left hand is killing me.  I need surgery.  I’ve needed surgery for 2 months and my appointment is in mid-May.

Today, my car needs service.  Renee and I are supposed to go on the road this afternoon to dine with an old friend.  Motorwerks would have told me to come in ASAP.  They would have had a loaner for me. It’s time for a brief story.  One of my first patients was in for a URI.  He asked me if I had seen the new BMWs to which I replied, “No, and I’m not in the market for a new car.”  He handed me the keys and said “just drive it around the block once.  It’s outside.”  It was a slow day so I took a ride with him.  When we got back, he said, “Why don’t you take it home tonight?  Have some fun.”  That started a long love affair with BMWs.  Anyway, after multiple calls to the dealer here, I finally got them to agree to look at the car today.  They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  I squeaked loudly this am. 

Next, the homeowner’s association is responsible for lawn upkeep.  Their gardeners are sloppy, moving whatever they want to wherever they want it and never putting it back.  Complaining falls on deaf ears.  Thank you, Jason and John.

Lastly, I was privileged to be part of the finest families and community I could ever find.  Sure, my new community is great but there is nothing better than knowing and caring for multiple generations of the same families.  My professor at UVa once said, “If you want to be successful at any new venture, find a brand-new McDonalds and open up next door.  In 1984, there was a brand-new McDonalds right across the street from a brand-new Burger King; and Dr Best was right.  Lake Zurich grew into a thriving young community and then aged with me.

My list is a mile long.  There are two important points I want to make in this article.  One, be thankful for the people in your community who make your life easier; and two, thank them profusely!  Thank you everybody who made my Illinois cocoon a safe and comfortable.

I miss all of you!

Here’s your joke for the day:

A thief breaks into a house and finds a man and a woman home.  After tying them up, he demands that the man give him all his money and valuables.  The man starts to cry and pleads with the burglar, “Please, just untie her and let her go; and I’ll give you anything you want.  The thief was moved by the man’s pleas and says, “Wow, you must really love your wife.”  The man answers, “Not particularly, but she’ll be home any minute now!”

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