Scare tactics!  Yep, that’s what the commercial I just watched amounts to.  In response to candidates promising to reign in the cost of medicine, Pharma is threatening to stop research and production of new medications.  All I can say is, “Bull Shit!”

Pharma develops and sells medications on a worldwide basis.  Many of our most popular drugs are produced overseas.  Did you know that in many countries medication cost far less than in the United States?  Everyone knows about   Canada. 

So, if much of the world sells medication for less than we do, how come Parma continues to develop new meds?  The answer is easy.  Pharma has huge profit margins! 

Don’t let them scare you.  Vote for candidates who promise to cut the cost of medication.  Then hold their feet to the fire!  It’s time Congress keeps its promise.

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  1. Amen! Bring these unreachable costs done and let everyone have access to them, not just the RICH!

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