Looking back in time, it seems like science fiction of the past has become the reality of today.  Does it seem that way to you?  Remember the HAL 9000 computer in “2001, A Space Odyssey”?  ALEXA, need I say more.

Yesterday, I could have sworn I was starring in a bad Sci-Fi movie.  There were people in masks, masks with face-shields, face shields alone and fancy cloth face coverings with monstrous-like adornments.  Of the people not wearing masks, there was one standout who wore a mask-like structure on his elbow.  He was cool (NOT)!

Renee stood in line at the NC License Plate Office (while I waited in a boiling hot car) where she tried to maintain social distance.  The state office worker responsible for keeping order, in the line, kept bunching people up, even when there were markers on the floor.  The whole thing was ridiculous and, from a distance, looked like a horror movie.  

Now, everybody seems to have a different opinion about what we should do.   Some are hyper paranoid, anointing themselves with antiseptics on a regular basis and wearing total body condoms while others are acting like it’s a joke. Personally, I’m looking out for Zombies! 

Yep, look around you.  The world has radically changed in just a few short months.  People are worried and scared, as they should be, but life is full of risk and we take risks every day. We also take precautions to mitigate those risks.  My fear of Zombies is nowhere as bad as my fear of shutting down America again.  Zombies I can deal with.  Bankrupting America, I cannot!

The jerks that ignore the new rules of society, masking and keeping a 6 foot or more personal space, are not going to kill me.  I’m going to run from them as fast as my feet can carry me (that’s actually pretty damn slow).  They are going to kill themselves and their loved ones. Let them, but don’t let them force another shut down!

Of paramount importance is getting the kids back to school.  This morning I came across a document from the American Academy of Pediatrics that stresses the need for kids to physically be in school.  I’ve hyperlinked to that article.  I agree that, while it places our kids at some risk, the risk of not being in school outweighs the risk of being in school.  Certainly, proper precautions must be developed and instituted to lessen the risk of infection. 

So, keep an eye out for Zombies, wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance and get your kids back to school.  Covid-19 has disrupted our lives.  It has turned the world upset down.  Let’s right the world for our kids now!  Otherwise, I fear that social isolation combined with a failed education system will lead to a future worse than any witnessed in the Sci-Fi world of yesterday or today.

Here’s today’s music video and a joke.

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