While I’m still in the midst of a writer’s block, I’m pissed!  Well, maybe pissed is not the right description of what I’m feeling.  I’m also amazed, confused, a little scared and, at the same time, see some humor in this world!  Yes, I’m rapidly cycling all of these emotions and more because of Covid-19.

What started me down this road is my vacation to Hilton Head with my dearest friends and Renee.  Abe and I have traveled together for years.  Whenever we get together, the child in me comes out to play.  I get younger, laugh more and really enjoy life, at least for a while.

Unfortunately, this trip is different.  The President’s admission to Walter Reed Hospital should have awakened the country to the need for wearing a mask!  The President’s infection should scare the crap out of everyone.  It hasn’t.

Yesterday, Abe and I (both wearing N 95 masks) were getting on an elevator in our hotel.  Abe had a case of vodka on his shoulder.  At the far side of the elevator was a maskless man, his 3-year-old son (masked) and his wife (masked, as well). The young father told us that we needed to get off the elevator as the rule was one family at a time.  We got off.  While we could have maintained adherence to the six-foot rule, there was no reason to argue. 

In Hilton Head, South Carolina, not wearing a mask is illegal.  People still won’t wear masks.  This young father, while keeping the six-foot rule when it fit into what he was doing, obviously was not going to obey the law when it comes to wearing masks.

Given that President Trump has run his own experiment proving that even the President needs a mask and, given that in SC wearing a mask is mandated by law, and that if Mr. No Mask were to get infected his young child would be at risk, then could not wearing a mask be construed as child neglect? 

Sound harsh?  It is!  It’s time to get harsh and serious.  The law states you have to stop at a “stop” sign.  Running a stop sign puts you and your community at risk of harm.  Can you imagine if some drivers decided that stopping at “stop” signs was inconvenient and started running “stop” signs?  Well, as long as running a stop sign is an offense that the police will ticket you for, the vast majority of people will stop.  Until the laws governing mask are real laws and not just mandates, and until the police ticket people for not wearing a mask, there will be more Mr. No Masks.  The majority of people will get away with not wearing a mask.  Those, like our President, who get sick, will regret it!  They will infect their friends and family.  You may even see them on the news as the reporter tells you a heart wrenching story of the life and death of a young father and his child from Covid-19.

So, wear your mask, keep at least 6 feet apart, wash your hands and get your flu shot. By the way, Americans like to make up their own rules, justifying their actions based on internet garbage.  Simply put, stop it.  Follow the rules as if they were “stop” signs and maybe you’ll avoid big trouble.

Here’s your music and a joke. 

A man just back from a long trip through the tropics starts feeling very unwell. He goes to see his doctor but passes out in the office and is rushed to hospital for tests.

The man wakes up alone in a private room, feeling awful, wondering what is happening to him. Soon, a phone by his bed rings:

“This is your doctor. We have the results of your tests. You have an extremely nasty syndrome called BASE. It’s a coinfection of Bird Flu, Anthrax, SARS and Ebola.”

“Oh my god! …What’s going to happen, Doctor?”

“First we’re going to put you on a diet of pizza, Fruit Leather and wafers.”

“And that’ll help me???”

“Not really, but… it’s the only food we can fit under the door.”

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