I wish I knew what to do.  On the one hand, we need to turn the economy back on.  People need to work, get paid, put food on the table and take care of the bills.  The economic downturn is crippling.

On the other hand, If we go back to business as usual, I can almost guarantee you that Covid-19 will return. ICU admissions will increase as will deaths.  A paycheck does not help if you are dead or spend a month intubated in the ICU.

In a perfect world we would have an effective treatment and a vaccine.  We don’t live in a perfect world.  One of my patients says, “Stay safe, stay healthy and stay the course.” I’ve got to agree with him.  As much as I want to get out and see my friends and patients before I move to NC, I’m staying the course.  Of course, Renee and I are in the risk pool.  If I was younger and healthy, I’d be in the office taking care of you.

Those of us who are “staying the course” are starting to suffer from cabin fever.  My patient’s advice for cabin fever is “Keep busy, stay busy and be busy today.”  While that is excellent advice, it’s been a disaster for me.  I’ve kept busy shopping for food on the internet, I’ve stayed busy cooking it and putting it in the fridge and I’m busy today eating the food I bought and prepared yesterday.  At least I walked outside today.

One of my favorite lessons I used to teach my patients is that the 3 keys to health and happiness are:

  1. A good attitude
  2. A good attitude
  3. A good attitude

I’m staying the course.  I’m staying busy. I’m working on my attitude.  Writing these articles and reading your responses help me. I hope they help you. 

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One Reply to “STAY THE COURSE?”

  1. You may not be in an office but you still dispense the best medical advice ever!
    You have never been a pill guy ( except when needed) but rather a WILL guy!

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