I had a brilliant thought last night as I was going to sleep.  The only problem is I can’t remember it this morning.  In the past, some of my best work has been done in that quasi sleep state that occurs just before I go fully to sleep.  I should have gotten up and written it down, but I didn’t and now it may be lost.

My sleep cycle is terrible.  I can’t find a comfortable position.  Once asleep, I can’t stay asleep as I, like most 69-year-old men, have to get up to pee.  I thought 69 would be a great age.  I graduated high school in 69 and 69 is my favorite . . . number.  Boy, was I wrong!

Covid-19 is continuing to rape pillage and destroy as it comes around for its second attack. It’s a scourge of biblical proportions. I want to paint the doorpost of my house with lambs’ blood and pray that it passes over, but I won’t.  My neighbors would not like that.

We have two big events coming up, both of which spell trouble.  Election day looks to be one super spreader event.  I voted last week and there was not 6 feet of separation.  Hell, 1/3 of the people voting were not wearing mask.  Renee and I maintained an 8 foot radius around us and we were masked.  The line was 90 minutes long.  Please go out and vote but be careful.  I suggest eating a lot of cabbage the night before and using the gas produced by the cabbage to defend your personal space.

The second big event is Thanksgiving.  As families come together for the holiday, the chances of spreading the virus to loved ones increases geometrically.  Killing an elderly parent with love and a portion of Covid-19 is going to haunt you forever.  If you are going to have a family gathering, it might be wise to isolate yourself for the 2 weeks prior just to be on the safe side.  Two weeks of isolation is not too much to ask of you in order to spend time safely with family and loved ones while giving thanks for having survived one of the worst years ever.

While I’m on a roll, let’s not forget Black Friday.  This year, Black Friday may well live up to its name.  I know that the sales are too good to resist but going to brick and mortar stores may lead to going to brick and mortar mausoleums at a later date.  That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I hope I’m just an alarmist but waiting in line to save $300 dollars on a TV just isn’t worth it.  Use the internet and stay healthy.

Well, that’s my uplifting message for today.  I still haven’t remembered my brilliant idea.  If it comes to me tonight, I’ll be sure to write it down.

Here’s your music and a joke.

How is sex like a game of bridge? If you have a great hand, you don’t need a partner.

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