Once upon a time I was a technophile.  I had all the newest gadgets.  I built and programed computers.  I was blessed to have patients who brought me the newest cell phones.  I even had a prototype of a smart phone before most people knew of its existence.  Technology blossomed and I rode the wave.  It was an exciting time.

Two things happened that changed everything.  First, I grew old and content with the technology I had; therefore, I no longer needed to learn new tricks. Second, the company that was feeding me the latest and greatest toys downsized and I lost my access to its future of innovations.

Life became boring.  It became cheaper to buy a new computer than to build one.  My IPhone became so smart that future innovations offered little benefit.  OLED TV’s resolution became so good that I didn’t want to leave the couch (except to raid the fridge).

This morning everything changed.  Sitting on the throne, reviewing my medical journals, I came across the coolest new medical technology I’ve seen in decades.  I WANT ONE NOW! Even though I don’t need one and I’m retired and no longer practice medicine, I want one.

What I discovered is going to change the practice of medicine!  It will replace my stethoscope and much of what I did in the office.  It will increase a physician’s diagnostic capabilities tenfold.  The device I’m referring to is a pocket ultrasound machine that interfaces with the I Phone and delivers pictures of a patient’s organs, joints and vascular system instantaneously.  NO MORE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL FOR TESTS AND THEN WAITING WEEKS TO GET RESULTS.

DID I TELL YOU I WANT ONE! I DO! Sure, I’d have to take some courses to become proficient at reading ultrasounds.  It would be worth it.  I could quickly scan your heart, carotids or even your gallbladder.  It seems the future uses are almost limitless. 

It’s also affordable.  While thinking about what I could have done with a pocket sized ultrasound has pumped me up, the fact that I’ll never use one on a patient is a bit of a downer.  The saving grace is that eventually one of my docs will be using it on me and I’ll get to play with it.

So, no matter how bad the Covid news is, here’s something that promises to radically improve your doc’s diagnostic skills and, therefore, your health.

Here’s your joke for the day:

My doc told me to start killing people.  Well, not exactly in those words. He said I had to reduce the stress in my life.  Same thing!

Here’s your music for the day.

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  1. This is exciting news! Having gone through some of the testing rigors with my husband last week, am happy to hear that it might get easier!

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