Yesterday was incredible. It started off incredibly bad.  My motor skills were shot. My back and other joints screamed at me.  My mind kept repeating “PACK, PACK …”  I had a momentary lift in my spirits when I looked out the window and saw the glimmering water of my pool.  That joy immediately went away when my scale started in on me.

“Hey fatso!  You’ve got pictures to take today.  Do you have a tent that will fit you?”  Lately, I hate pictures!  Literally, I don’t recognize the guy who is standing where I’m supposed to be.  However, there is no time to wallow in it (LOL) as we have a showing at 1:15.

Showing done, we return home and prep for pictures.  The photographer and his wife are delightful.  He takes pictures in front of the house and by the pool. By now I’m thinking it’s enough, but he wants more pics out front.  Click, click, click (sounds usually associated with my medical practice) and we are done.  It’s time to sit down.

Thanks for the memories!  I’ll never forget the honking, the fire truck and the long precession of cars packed with love and memories!  It was as if the sun had come out and all of my pain and immobility had been washed away.  I wanted to ignore Covid-19 and hug and kiss each and every one of you!

Thanks for the memories!  You made me laugh, you made me cry.  You actually brought me some of the most cherished items available today, toilet paper and masks.  I’ll think about you when I use them.  Please stay in touch.  My cell phone will stay the same and I’ll always be glad to hear your voice.  Oh yes, one more item: consider yourself hugged.

So, thank you Lisa, Spring and the crew! I woke up this morning feeling good and singing, “Thanks for the memories.” Yesterdays memory will ranked right up there with my wedding, the birth of my children, finding Lake Zurich and you guys!

Here’s Frank’s version for your pleasure and my version for what its worth:

Thanks for the memory
Of things I can’t forget
Journeys on a jet
Our wond’rous weeks in beautiful LZ
With Renee and the crew
How lucky I am to have been with ya’ll

And thanks for the memory
Of summers by the pool
Halloween dressed as ghouls
We had such a time in old LZ

Of Maki and me
That we didn’t even stop to pee

Now since retirement I wake up
Alone on a gray morning-after
I long for the sound of your laughter
And times together

The good and the bad
Oh what parties we had

So, thanks for the memory

Renee and I are blessed

To share so many memories with you

Not bad for a short fat Jew

Who bids ya”ll adieu

It’s off to Indian Trail

To start anew

Close to family and friends

Old and new

Thanks again, for the memories!

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  1. Great to see you yesterday. I hope not for the last time. Safe travels and take care.

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