Once again, I find myself looking through my old blogs searching for inspiration and wisdom.  This morning, I found an article from 2014 that was inspired by Mr. Wonderful.  My old readers will remember Mr. Wonderful (W).  Let me take a minute to introduce Mr. W to my new readers.

Mr. W is an older gentleman who has turned his life and health around using a vast assortment of tools he keeps in a notebook.  He has hundreds of positive quotes and inspirational axioms that he uses to bolster his will power and keep him moving in the right direction.

I continue to feel lousy and uninspired.  I force myself to exercise in the morning but do not enjoy it.  I force myself to sleep with my CPAP and my night guard but really see very little benefit. The only things that come naturally and create joy are being with my family, writing this blog, Rock Steady and eating.

I’ve been warned by my neurologist that Parkinsonian meds can cause compulsive behaviors.  Eating has become a compulsion!  I’ve treated patients with compulsive eating disorders in the past.  It’s not easy (I’d gladly trade compulsive eating with compulsive sex but I’m afraid it would kill Renee.)

A great deal of my problem is my weight.  I am approaching the size of a blimp.  I need to shop in the “Big and Tall” section, only I’m not tall.  My shirt could serve as a tent and house a family of four.  My buddy, Will Power, still hasn’t shown up.  Hopefully, the article published on April 23, 2014 will help me find the will to get my weight down to a more respectable level and help me find the path back to health and Wellth.

I’m definitely on the back nine and I want to play every hole I can.  So, what can I do?  One thing Mr. W used to say is, “If you fall down five times, get up six times.” I didn’t fall down, I got knocked down by Parkinson’s, my back surgery and the loss of my profession/calling.  I keep trying to get up but, so far, have been unsuccessful. Every morning I tell myself I will get up!  Today’s the day!  Today I’ll eat healthy salads, grilled skinless chicken breast and have Renee for dessert.  That’s a good start!

I called Mr. W yesterday. I wish I could go to lunch with him.  Hopefully, he’ll send me another copy of his book.  He’s been a patient, mentor and friend for years.  I’m sure talking to him will help me get up and move on.

I hope this blog will find its way to others, like me, who need a bit of inspiration and wisdom to get them back on their feet.  If writing about the transition from doc to patient and the insights a patient/doc helps one person, then I’ve done my job.

Here’s today’s jokes:

I’m so fat I could provide shade.

There are more calories in my stomach than the local grocery store.

I’ve been told that inside every fat person, there’s someone beautiful… I’m just wondering who the hell I ate?

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2 Replies to “THE BACK NINE”

  1. Your now explaining a lot of feelings I shared with you years ago. I had gotten out of it but am back into a lot of the same old feelings!
    It kind of sucks battling the wt issues but it’s a big part of our lives. We both can beat this again! I remember talking and sharing a lot of this stuff with you
    Stu we can beat this!

    1. I don’t like eating crow but it’s time I take my own advice!
      We will lose weight!

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