Renee and I are binging on a Netflick series about the devil.  Lucifer, the devil, takes a vacation on earth and teams up with a homicide detective to solve various crimes and punish the bad guys.

Lucifer’s relationship with the homicide detective and later with a psychiatrist start to soften and humanize the devil.  Despite the fact that no one believes him, Lucifer, who never tells a lie, tells everyone he is the devil and often talks of his father (God) in derogatory terms.  Lucifer blames all of the world’s misery on his father.  He’s not happy with his mother either.

The show, while hysterical, is also what my friend refers to as a chick flick.  Lucifer and Detective Decker fall in love and much of the show revolves around the on-again off again relationship.  Realistically, the show is a psychodrama as the writers dissect the relationships between:

Detective Decker and Lucifer

Lucifer and his father (God)

Lucifer and his mother (Goddess)

Lucifer and his brothers (Angels)

Lucifer and his demon friend

Lucifer and his psychiatrist

God and the devil’s mother who he sent to Hell

In the last episode I watched, God visits earth and ends up in a psych ward.  Lately, with all the insanity going on in the world, I’ve postulated that God must be on vacation.  After watching Lucifer, I now wonder if God is on vacation and in a psych ward somewhere.

While the show is believable, it has one flaw.  Lucifer owns a night club.  To be more realistic, the writers should have made Lucifer an insurance executive or politician.  Of course, that would create a lot of issues with the main character as the devil takes great pride in the fact that he never lies, and we all know that politicians and insurance executives have perfected the art of lying. 

While this is not one of my better articles, I really think you ought to watch this show if for no other reason that it has a cast full of very talented and beautiful actors and actresses who will entertain you and make you think!  Wouldn’t it be nice if the Devil could be tamed?

Here’s your music and a joke.

One fine day, a priest, a rabbi, and a high priestess decide to all go fishing. They manage to get to the water, and off they go. One hour later, the high priestess says, “I think I forgot the food!” She steps off the boat, walks across the water, gets the picnic basket, and walks back! As they are eating, the priest thinks, “What a display. Jeez, where does she get off walkin’ on the water?” Right then, the rabbi says, “Oye! I forgot the drinks.” He steps right off the boat and walks across the water to get the drinks. By this time, the priest is very frustrated! He excuses himself, and as the priest steps out of the boat, he falls in the water. The high priestess turns to the rabbi and says, “You think we should have told him about the rocks?”

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