I had gotten used to my new body norm.  I’m quite obese.  My friend, Will Power, left town last year and is finally back.  I am so happy to have Will Power by my side once again.  I’m 3 pounds down, only 32 to go.

If I were one of my patients, I would have read me the riot act a long time ago.  In fact, the other day, I stood by the mirror with Will and did just that.  I talked about the negative effects my current weight was having on my back, my knees and my heart.  I added in a bit of old fashioned guilt and shaming reminding myself that eating massive quantities of bad food was like cheating on my family. My weight was surely going to contribute to my eventual death.

I read my own book and started on my “Wellthy Plan.”  I’m sure I’ll be a success.  If I falter and fall, I’ll get up and do it over again until I get it right.  My biggest obstacle is the fact that I love southern food and I’m moving to the south.  Will Power promises to stay at my side.

Meanwhile, my days will be full of packing, saying good-bye to old friends and patients, and walking around my property lamenting leaving while at the same time being excited about moving to NC.

Covid-19 will be around a long time. Renee and I will pack a cooler so we won’t have to stop on the road.  We’ll continue to practice social distancing.  I hope you will as well.  As it turns out, Sweden’s experiment leaving businesses open is failing.

Many of you have asked me for an opinion on the Bakersfield Docs and after watching Zdogg’s report on their news conference, I watched the whole video again.  I have to agree with Zdogg. Open the hyperlink and tune in to Zdogg.

As always, if you have questions you would like me to answer, call or drop me a note.  I’m hoping that one of you will arrange a Zoom reunion of LZFTC patients and staff.  It would be nice to see you guys again.  I think that privacy rules preclude me from arranging it but ya’ll are free to do so if you can figure out how to get the word out.

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4 Replies to “THE NEW NORM PART TWO”

  1. I am all for the zoom site for past pts of yours. Would be nice to see some of your old employees, would liked to have seen you before you left.

  2. You are deeply missed. Hope all is going well and your move is all you hoped it would be

  3. Stewart and Renee, I would really love to see the Zoom meeting happen. As the time grows short, I am more and more saddened by Renee’s and your departure (Although, I am happy for both of you having the opportunity to spend your retirement years with your family. And, enjoy the vittles in MODERATION. We all want you around for a long time)!!! Are you still planning to leave on May 29th? Any positive nibbles on the Long Grove home? Lynn

    1. Privacy laws preclude me from arranging a zoom gathering. One of my patients or readers will need to figure out how to pass the word. Those who join a zoom meeting are obviously visible to all and I risk of revealing personal information.

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